Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Chatbot

Do you have an excellent idea that you wish to bring to life? Have you been saving money and are ready to execute the next steps? Or do you wish to slowly but surely grow your small business? Yes, we know that it is not easy and can be overwhelming when building your own business from scratch, especially during this post-pandemic era. Time, money and human resources are all considerations that must be addressed. But don’t worry! It is fairly usual nowadays to free up resources by using certain technologies. Digitalization is no longer a novelty; it has become the new normal for enterprises. A chatbot, for example, can be a reliable ally.

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Small businesses owners usually do not have enough budget and have to manage their cash flow carefully. By installing a chatbot which is a one-time investment, they can eliminate unnecessary costs and enjoy the benefits of automation. A chatbot can assist businesses in numerous aspects, depending on the industry type. Click here to see how each sector can benefit from chatbots.

Speak Your Customer’s Native Language and Dialect

One of the biggest obstacles businesses have to face is the language barrier. Many businesses solve this problem by hiring more staff with diverse backgrounds to deal with their customers. But is an increase in headcount the only option we got? Certainly not! Small business owners can still expand their customer base by using a multilingual chatbot even with a limited budget. Chatbot from Makebot, for example, operates in over 20 languages allowing you to serve international clients even if you don’t understand their language. Additionally, if you would like to differentiate your business from other competitors and leave a long-lasting impression, you can even add dialects to serve more specific customer groups.

24/7 Availability

Do you know that you can make your business available 24/7 like a convenience store? The best part about this is it does not cost you that much! After implementing a chatbot, your customers can contact you whenever and wherever they want. For a business that requires a reservation, a chatbot is your best friend who can always accept and confirm client reservations while you are away, leading to higher sales and overall customer satisfaction.

Consistent Answers and Neutral Tone

Humans are emotional. There are bad and good days that make us react to situations differently. We can’t be rational all the time, but robots, including chatbots, can be. That is why a chatbot is a very useful tool for dealing with customer service: Answers are always consistent and polite, which helps reduce customer complaints and improve the overall customer experience.


Being able to provide customers with different ways to contact you is essential. However, it costs a lot of time and resources to manage them. This is another reason why you need a chatbot to reduce the time you have to spend on these mundane tasks. One chatbot can be integrated on many platforms. From your website to Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Instagram, and KakaoTalk, it is time to unify all of your clients’ favorite communication channels. Does this sound appealing to you?

Do you wish to get to know more about chatbots and their benefits? Then feel free to contact us and get a free full consultation. All business is unique, and so is our chatbot. At Makebot, we strive to provide our customers with the most innovative chatbot created to suit their needs.

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