Chatbots – Ultimate Solution for Your Omnipresent Marketing Strategy

Often times people are confused when asked about marketing. Many people think that all it does is run ads on TVs, on the internet, and offline billboards & posters. While that indeed is what marketing does, it is a very small portion of the whole marketing concept. Unfortunately, this blog post is not intended to cover the idea of marketing. However, it is about another important, relatively new concept in marketing: Omnipresent Marketing and its significance in today’s competitive world.

What is omnipresent marketing?

First off, what exactly is omnipresent marketing? By definition, it is being present wherever your customers are present. To put it simply, if your customer is on Instagram, make sure your brand is there. If they are the type of people who are not internet users (they still do exist), assure them that they can still reach you easily as well. Though it is common that many marketers do not get it right. What they primarily do is that they, in fact, set up their brand presence on as many channels as they can but fail to personalize the experience and provide value to customers. Let us admit that almost every industry is pretty much saturated, and people have more choices than ever before. And the chances that your competitors are omnipresent too are high. So what makes you stand out? According to Apple founder Steve Jobs, it is the values you provide. Sounds complicated? It really is not. It just takes a little bit of thinking and time to meet every single customer with special care, whichever channel they please to be met. 


But, let us make one thing clear, there is no such thing as overexposure in marketing. As a matter of fact, marketing is all about being exposed to as many people at as many places as possible. Think of Coca-cola; you are highly likely 30 minutes walk maximum away from a can or bottle of coke (maybe even 5 minutes in most cases). How about Apple? You see their logo at least once a day with a very high chance because their logo is quite well known, and Apple offers a wide range of tech devices that people use in their day-to-day lives. The big reason for all of that is that they are omnipresent and provide value to every customer. They are literally on every single platform on the internet. They have stores and vending machines (in the case of Coca-Cola) all over the world. They invest so much to be easily accessible to people conveniently. So what is next for them? Are they going to stop opening new stores and installing vending machines and better their products? Absolutely no. Omnipresent marketing is an ever-going activity for a positive outcome.

Now the big question comes: Can only big companies be omnipresent? Yes and No. Yes, because it is costly to open brick-and-mortar stores in multiple locations. No, because small businesses can also start their omnipresent marketing activities by providing their customers with value. However, given that there are lots of platforms on the internet, managing them can be costly as well. Thanks to tech innovators, a newly developed software, “Conversational AI or Chatbot,” has been a solution for that problem.

How – Chatbots 

Although chatbots had been widely used for answering FAQs before recent years, they are now capable of doing much more than just that. It includes but is not limited to receiving reservations, stock management, and broadcasting updates. What is more, chatbots have started to assist marketers in a wide range of activities, proving themselves to be quite valuable. Now they are able to do up-selling & cross-selling and personalized recommendations, collecting big customer data along with data analysis. The fact that chatbots can be integrated into almost any platform (through API) gives you that power to be omnipresent even if your business is small.

They are cost-effective, meaning it requires only one-time effort and investment with a minimal maintenance cost in the long run. Since most of the chatbots are equipped with AI now, they do what they are assigned to do 24/7, which is highly valuable from customers’ perspectives. Small business owners won’t have to worry about hiring staff to manage all the online channels anymore.

Final Takeaways

No matter in what industry you run your business, it has become necessary to provide a unique customer experience to the one that competitors offer. Whether it be through your offline store or online channels, customers would love customized or personalized communication per se. So consider taking the time to research the best ways to accomplish that omnipresent marketing strategy. Though you do not really need to go far in search of that, click here and check out how Makebot’s industry-specific solutions can help you boost your business growth.