Chatbot to Streamline Your Customers

With the advancement of technology, marketing through digital means has become a mandatory activity. Technology has been said to transform marketing since digital outlets made it more integrated and targeted for marketers. 

One of the features that companies have been implementing to help them with their marketing strategies are chatbots. 


Nowadays, chatbots has been used as a customer service outlet and became a company’s first touchpoint for customers. Companies implement this since chatbots are available 24/7, which then became used mostly to streamline your marketing funnel. 


There are several benefits of implementing a chatbot to streamline your marketing funnel, here are some important ones:

  • Lead Generator

According to Intercom, Volvo integrated their chatbot with a typeform survey which was then used to provide customized price quotes for their consumers.

It was shown that the leads coming from Volvo’s chatbot are 200% more likely to purchase a car compared to those that got contacted via contact forms. This was due to chatbot’s ability to give immediate answers and even schedule a test drive for those customers. 

  • Customer Segmentation

Depending on the response that the customer gives, chatbot can sense some keywords that could signify whether the lead could be converted to a potential customer or not. Once those certain keywords are identified, chatbots might be able to streamline the customer immediately to the sales process when necessary. 

This helps business owners to save time segmenting whether a certain lead could be converted into a customer or not.

  • Data Collection and Analysis

With the data that was acquired through customer’s engagement with chatbots, companies can analyze the data and figure out customers’ preferences and make personalization or changes depending on those inputs. These data that are gathered can indirectly become feedback for the company. 

  • Automatic News Update

CRM has been a big part of companies’ marketing strategy. To keep a good relationship with one’s customer base is very important. With chatbot, an update about any new marketing campaigns that you might have can be automatically sent to your customers through messaging apps instead of emailing them one by one. 


Beyond marketing, chatbots can also help your company with customer support, FAQs and many other things. Lots of companies have begun to realize the importance of chatbots and started implementing them to not lose to their competitors. 


Now it’s your turn to implement chatbot and upgrade your business efficiency, contact us now!






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