Adopting to New Working Culture – Employee Attendance Management Software

According to statistics, as many as 47.8 million people left their jobs in 2021. Some studies claim that “The Great Resignation” is already here. On the other hand, some experts predict that even more people will be leaving their jobs in the next five years. So what is the reason behind this? Let’s take a look at some studies on that. 

As Generation Z is joining the workforce, Millennials are expected to leave their places. However, this transition is going to be much different than any other ones that have taken place in the past. Although there has always been a gap between two generations, the gap between the last two: Millennials and Gen Z, seems to be even more significant. In what sense? In the sense that Gen Z is probably the only generation that values money relatively more diminutive than their own various values. Values like work-life balance, growth opportunities, work culture, etc., are priorities of this particular generation. 

To keep the talents in their companies or fill their open positions with new intelligent and creative employees from Gen Z, companies all around the world are adjusting their so-called 40-hour-work-week. As a result, terms like work-from-home, remote-work, and flexible working hours have become commonly used terms in the employment world. While new working styles have been proved a lot better (okay, this is the opinion of the majority), employers are required to find solutions to manage those new styles of work. 

Since, now, many companies are opting out of big offices in fancy buildings because their employees are working from different locations, many kinds of software have been developed for various purposes. Software for teamwork, productivity, attendance management, and a few more are in demand by many companies. So in this blog post, we will talk about one of the essential ones; employee attendance management software. 

Employee Attendance Management Software 

First off, why do companies need it? For two straightforward reasons: to be able to manage employees and get projects done effectively. This type of software enables managers to allocate tasks properly, monitor clock in and clock outs, process payroll, etc. Furthermore, at a time when buddy punching has caused pretty significant trouble for businesses all over the world, these types of software have solved the problem almost entirely. 


Worknote is a software developed by Makebot for employee attendance management. It has been used by as many as +500 companies in South Korea. Part of the reason why it has become a massive success in this particular market is because Worknote is fully integrated into the country’s most popular messaging application: KakaTalk. With the monthly active users of over 34 million in South Korea, integrated chatbots take the attendance in a conversational format and forward it to the administration page. Admins from there can manage all the data and share it internally. Moreover, several other functionalities make it more than just an attendance management system. 

Let’s have a look at three versions of the software in detail. 


  • Attendance management 
  • The setting of working hours 
  • Overtime hours management 
  • Admin notification about clock-in / outs 


  • Multiple admins
  • Multiple office/branch set up
  • Geolocation checking 
  • Holiday application 
  • Flexible working schedule management


  • Everything from Basic and Pro versions 
  • Work-from-home attendance management
  • Daily task management

What’s more, even though it has been serving only Korean clients on KakaTalk, Makebot can provide Worknote on multiple platforms in multi-languages. Makebot has integrated its solutions into platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, and Instagram. 

Why Worknote 

Although there are dozens of hardware and software that help companies manage their employee attendance and their performance in general, some of the most essential qualities that make Worknote stand out are: 

  • Being able to be integrated into instant messaging apps 

While apps have made a considerable impact on how we do things on our smartphones, according to a study done by Forbes91% of us hate to be forced to install apps for business purposes. Yet, ironically, most Employee Attendance Management Systems are app-based, and employees are asked to download and install that particular app. But, with Worknote, they can do it via their favorite instant messaging app that is already on their phone. 

  • Simple and to the point functionalities 

When managers are busy enough and have a lot on their plates, why develop complicated software again? Makebot has developed Worknote in such a way that it does not require a lot of time and skills to use it. Complete the initial setup, and you are good to go for a long time. 

  • Cost-effectiveness

One of the most incredible things about Worknote is that any kind of business, whether small-sized or enterprise company, can use it without worrying about the budget. Clients can customize it according to their needs and budget. In fact, Worknote is arguably the cheapest software in the market. 

On a Last Important Note

In this fast-paced world, time is the most vital resource for any individuals or companies that are eager to grow. Thus, using the advantages of technological advancements and increasing productivity is something that every one of us should be doing. Makebot, a chatbot innovator, strives to make a difference in the world through its AI-IT solutions. Check out what else Makebot does here.  

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